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Football Coach Expectations

What are the football coach expectations?

Coaches expect certain behaviors out of their team players in the game of football.

It is important to understand these expectations to give your child the most competitive advantage possible on the team.

Nobody wants to be benched during a game!

No kid automatically gets to be the quarterback or wide receiver; they have to work at it.

If you want your child to get more playing time in a game, pay special attention to these rules and guidelines as well as what's on the football tryouts page.

Below is a list of common expectations a football coach will have for their players.

My boys had to live by these rules if they wanted to play football.

Trust me, you don’t want to disappoint the football coach. ;)

List of Common Football Coach Expectations:

  • Show Respect: Players need to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, showing respect for each other, coaches, officials, and opposing team players.
    --- Exp: Helping an opponent player off the ground after a play.
  • Practice Good Manners: Players should demonstrate good manners to their coaches. “Yes sir” and “No sir” are appropriate responses to questions and comments.
  • No Arguing: Arguing is not acceptable. Players who get out of line with coaches may be removed from the squad. The coach is the authority on the field.
  • Players Must Earn Game Playing Time: Playing time in games is earned by their performance during daily football practices. If players want to play more, they need to work harder during these practices. Players are never guaranteed playing time, they get what they earn.
  • Show Referees Respect: Players will not argue with or show any disrespect to game officials, even if they don't agree with their call.
  • Show Respect for Hurt Players on the Field: If a player from either team is hurt during a play and down on the field, teammates should take a knee.
  • Hazing or Bullying is Unacceptable: Hazing or bullying other players in any form (on the field or in the locker room) will not be tolerated. Bullying teammates can result in dismissal from the team and possibly being expelled from school.
  • All Players Must Attend All Games: All players will attend all Varsity games. All JV players will attend all JV games.
  • Good Grades Are Top Priority: Players are expected to keep their grades to at least a C or above. School performance always comes first.
  • Appropriate Game Jersey Wearing: Game jerseys will be worn to school on game days only. Jerseys should be on the players, not their girlfriends, favorite teacher, etc.
  • Report Injuries Immediately: Players should report all injuries to the coach as soon as possible.
  • Keep Uniforms Clean: Players will keep their uniforms freshly washed and stains removed to wear on game days.
  • Keep Locker Room Clean: Players will keep the locker-room clean before leaving after practices or games.
  • No Loitering After Practices Or Games: Players need rides to pick them up on time from practices and games. Failure to do so could result in removal from the team. Make arrangements for rides ahead of time.

Football Coach Expectations at Practice

Many coaches often adopt similar rules when it comes to the football practices. After all, how can a team improve their skills if several players are missing practices all the time?

Coaches pay heavy attention to the "attendance" and "participation" efforts of each player at practice. Many times these two things can dictate how much “playing time” a kid will get in an actual game.

The attendance and participation levels of a child will show their seriousness and dedication to being on the team. If a child does not seem interested in being at practice or does not show a lot of effort while at practice, then a coach will hesitate to allow that kid to play in an actual game.

Common Football Practice Rules

  • Attend All Practices: Players are expected to attend all practices. If a player is injured and unable to practice they are still expected to attend practice. Practice will only be excused for players who are truly sick or who have had a death in their family. If a player is at school, they are expected to be at practice.
  • Attend All Games: If a player is injured and unable to play in a game they are still expected to attend games in support of their team. If a player is absent from school and the school deems that player’s absence as excused, then the player is excused from the game that day as well.
  • Unexcused Absences Not Acceptable: Multiple unexcused practices could result in a player’s removal from the team. The limit depends on the individual coach for your school.
  • Practice is Closed to Public: No one is allowed inside the gates of the field during practice other than coaches, players, and school employees. Parents must wait outside the gates.
  • Injuries Should Be Reported Immediately: If a player has an injury, they should see the school nurse for an evaluation. The nurse should contact the coach if they feel the player should not practice.

General Football Rules

  • Players Take Care of Their Own Football Equipment: Players are responsible for all equipment assigned to them. If equipment is lost or damaged due to improper care, that player will pay for its replacement.
  • Dependable Transportation To and From Practice and/or Games is Mandatory: Parents are responsible for transporting their own child to and from practices and games in most cases. Some players are able to transport themselves if old enough to drive.
  • Keep Track of your Own Personal Items: Coaches are not responsible for your personal items. Players are responsible for their own shoes, clothing, books, wallet, cell-phone, iPod, etc.
  • Must Have Up-To-Date Physical on File: Players must have an up-to-date physical to participate. It is the player/parents responsibility to be sure physicals are up-to-date.
  • Any Applicable Fees Must Be Paid: Players are may be required to pay a participation fee to play football at most schools. This should be paid on time.

While football coach expectations are somewhat subjective depending on each individual, studying these rules and guidelines above will really help your child get the most out of their football experience.

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