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Kids Cheerleading

Would your child would like to try cheerleading?

Does your son or daughter like to show support for their school's sports team?

Yes, cheerleading is for boys and girls, although usually more girls tend to be involved.

A cheer squad could really use more boys, since it is physically easier for them to hold the girls up on their shoulders for a more dramatic cheer routine.

There are a few different sports that the girls can cheer for at their school. The most popular sports for cheering are basketball, football, and even volleyball.

They can also participate in competitive cheer competitions. For more information on this, I suggest visiting

Little cheerleaderMy daughter, Mary, in her first cheer squad

My daughter, Mary, started cheering with her elementary school. She was not ready for the competitive side yet, but maybe one day.

She learned alot in her very first cheer season, and she was definitely ready to be on the squad again the next season.

We might look into competitive cheering when she is a little older. She would need some advanced tumbling classes to perfect her cartwheels, handsprings and flips first.

What Age Should You Start Cheering?

Mary was 7 when she started cheering for basketball in the 2nd grade. She could have started younger. Some girls in her squad started at only 4 years old.

Cheerleading friends

Mary was involved in dance and gymnastics before she tried cheer. I didn't allow her to do more than one activity at a time.

Multiple activities can be too much for young kids when they have school, family time, and free time they need to enjoy as well.

Not to mention I have two other kids with activities as well, and I need to be able to support all three of them with practices and games.

How To Get Involved in Cheerleading?

Usually the easiest way to get involved with cheer is to start with the school your child attends. They usually will have a program, and if not you can possibly join a nearby school program.

Yes, other school districts will sometimes accommodate a student from a different district to participate in a cheer program.

Girl cheering

Mary knew a little girl in her squad that went to a neighboring school, and they did not have a cheer program at her school.

My daughter’s school allowed the little girl to join their program.

If your school district or a nearby school district does not have one, you might try a simple Google search below.

You should have a local recreational business nearby that would have a cheer program.

If cheer just isn’t a convenient option, there are several other activities to involve your son or daughter in on this site.

Please feel free to look around my site at the different options my children have tried.

Cheerleading Sign Up Search:

Search in the box below to sign up for cheerleading in your area:

For Example: You can Google "Youth cheerleading TN" or whichever state you live in to find a cheerleading program near you.

Custom Search

What Do You Need To Cheer, and What Does It Cost?

Basic Cheerleader Supplies:

Mary’s first cheer program cost us $85.00 for one basketball season. The season was from December through the middle of February. This included her cheer top, skirt, bloomers, pom poms and hair bow. We supplied her socks and tennis shoes.

We did get her a pair of girls white tennis shoes to match any color uniform, but the color really is up to the parent.

This was in the 2013 season, so I realize that prices will go up just about every year. Of course it also depends on where you live.

Compared to other sports, the cost of cheer is relatively cheap when they are young. Many other sports require a lot more equipment costs or a monthly fee.

The cost will go up as they get older and if your child decides to be more involved in cheer.

If they want to start taking classes and go for the competitive side, again I would refer you to the website for more information.

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