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5 Best Youth Soccer Cleats That’ll Turn Kids Into Champs!

Youth soccer cleats are the foundation to any soccer game.

When it comes to soccer, skills and teamwork are the must-have skills to become a champion. However, parents should also be mindful about their young athletes’ sports gear, especially their soccer cleats. 

Even professional United States Soccer Federation (USSF) players understand the importance of wearing the right footwear during practice or an official game.

Wearing good soccer cleats will allow kids to maintain better traction while practicing drills, weaving around opponents, and scoring a goal. It also reduces the risk of injuries while playing on difficult terrain. 

Youth soccer cleats come in a variety of shapes. Considering your budget, the type of field where your kids usually play, and preferred material, see the soccer cleats recommended below. 

Best Youth Soccer Cleats

1. Adidas Messi 15.3 Turf

If you follow the FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) series at all, you’ve probably heard of the epic feats of Lionel Messi. Adidas is bold enough to use this soccer player’s name on their line of soccer gear. Thankfully, these cleats deliver. 

The Messi 15.3 Turf is suited for both indoor and Astroturf use. The durable rubber sole keeps the feet steady. Thanks to the lightweight synthetic textile build, they can enjoy playing soccer for a long time. 

Adidas Messi 15.3 Turf

To prevent the little ones from accidentally slipping while practicing drills, both midfoot and heel piece were carefully molded. 

These youth soccer cleats have vibrant decals. Its main color is black, but it’s decorated with bright red and green for a touch of style. The footwear is too tempting to use for casual meetings and everyday walks!

However, the design is not just to make the footwear look good. This Adidas 15.3 Turf is layered with messiTOUCH X-ray surface, so the ball doesn’t slip away from the foot when you make contact with it. The outsole traction also helps kids run their fastest and evade opponents who try to steal the ball.

2. Jordan Dominate Pro TD

At first glance, these Jordan Dominate Pro cleats look like they are more suited for basketball than soccer. You should still give them a try, though, because they are durable cleats that can last all season long.

Instead of a low-cut design, its upper portion is slightly raised to provide comfort while your kids are running or kicking the ball. It is also lined with Lunarlon cushioning to support the feet while accelerating at top speed or lunging for the ball. The plush sole pad is springy, allowing the kids to move with ease. 

These youth soccer cleats are made from robust synthetic leather that’s built for outdoors. The sun, mud, and rain are no match to its durable construction. They are ideal practice cleats for summer. With the Dynamic Fit system, these cleats follow the contours of the feet for a snug fit. 

Unlike other brands, the forefront is also lined to provide better traction, especially in grassy turfs. When your kids are being cornered by their opponents, the cleats allow them to switch directions seamlessly without losing their speed.

The Dominate Pro TD has red and white solid color patterns – perfect for kids who love a minimalist design. It has a Velcro strap for a secure and tight fit.

3. Puma EvoPower 1.3 FG

When your kid wears this low-cut footwear, they will surely be the center of attention in matches, thanks to the Puma EvoPower’s bright neon color palette. Its upper portion is made from soft and lightweight microfiber. The fabrics are breathable to keep air flowing smoothly inside the cleats. The upper is pliable, so your kid can imitate the natural motion of kicking a ball with bare feet. 

This might sound unimportant at first, but it is actually vital for adding power to one’s kicks. The conical studs are thinner compared to other cleats. It reduces durability, but can provide solid grip while running or kicking. This also allows you to accelerate faster. 

Among the entire Puma soccer line, the EvoPower is the most accommodating when it comes to fitting. It has a medium fit, but the upper material is stretchable, so your toes have more room to wiggle. 

For added comfort, the EvoPower is lined with Puma’s patented AccuFoam that acts like an impact-absorbing sponge. Pair that foam with the ergonomically designed soleplate, and a player’s kicks will be accurate and powerful.

The EvoPower can be used for different weather conditions. The sole has wide cleats to provide better traction while running in muddy or wet soil.

4. New Balance Visaro Control

New Balance is a secondary choice among soccer players. However, the Visaro Control Cleats are a primary option for parents looking for affordable but durable soccer gear. Its upper is made from synthetic PU to make it lightweight and resistant to wear. Whether your little champ is playing indoors or outdoors, he won’t worry about accidentally slipping or missing a vital kick. 

For a snug fit, these youth soccer cleats have off-center lacing. Kids can easily slip on their gear, but it won’t be easily removed while they’re running on the field. The laces are also useful as markers to help kids find the sweet spot to kick the ball. 

Even if the field becomes soft and muddy, players can still accelerate efficiently, thanks to the six studs attached underneath the sole. They have a metal tip (check with your league to see if metal spikes are allowed) to ensure durability and better traction.

The studs are replaceable, so no need to buy new cleats when they’re worn out. Plus, there are also additional shorter cleats on the sole for superb grip.

5. Hi-Tec Black and White

Last, but not the least on this list is the Hi-Tec Black and White Soccer Cleats. These lace up boots are suited for first-time and occasional soccer players. Made with synthetic leather, they can be used in different terrains.

Hi-Tec Black and White Soccer Cleats

These cleats are spaced evenly so kids can practice their drills without feeling a lot of pressure on their feet. The inside is padded with thin foam that absorbs impact and promotes breathability.

These low-cut cleats come in a simple two-tone design that can be paired with any uniform.

Conclusion for the Best Youth Soccer Cleats

Teamwork, focus, and determination are some of the skills that kids must master in order to become the next Lionel Messi.

To help boost their performance and get them motivated to play the sport, make sure that you give them top notch cleats from this list!

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