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5 Best Youth Football Gloves

Looking for the best youth football gloves on the market today for tackle football or flag football? We will help you explore the options.

American football is a very physical sport, yet a lot of finesse is showcased in every game. This sport requires precision, accuracy, strength, speed, and great catching ability.

This page focuses on the "catching" part of the sport.

Catching is one of the most essential parts of a football game! You can gain several yards in a single football play with a great passing strategy.

Obviously more yards gained can lead to more touchdowns and more wins.

Why Are Good Football Gloves Important?

Highflying receivers are some of the most entertaining athletes to watch in football. For these players, gloves are very important.

Professional athletes look for anything that will help them have a better grip on the ball and can improve their stats for a chance of winning a football game.

It is always recommended to use the best gloves whether in training, out on the field or in an actual football game. You want to be completely comfortable playing in your football catching gloves.

The following are five of the best youth football gloves on the market today.

This information will help you differentiate and compare these football gloves and see which will best suit your needs or your kid’s needs.

The gloves on this list are the best in the market but are not listed in any particular order. Your perfect football gloves depend on what you want your gloves to do for you.

Best Youth Football Gloves

1. Nike Youth Torque 2.0 Receiver Gloves

Nike Youth Torque 2.0 Receiver Gloves

With a lot of competition in the gridiron, you need to have every edge you can get your hands on. The Nike Youth Torque 2.0 Football Gloves will let you dominate the receiving game.

The Free Flex Gusset system is a very innovative feature that allows the player to open their hands freely. This will increase the catching surface area significantly.

These football gloves are paired with the MagniGrip palm technology giving you a superior grip on the ball while catching and carrying the ball to the end zone. 

The Torque 2.0 is made of lightweight material giving the player a very comfortable experience. The VELCRO wrist straps allow you to customize the fit making sure your gloves fit securely. 

2. Wilson Youth MVP Clutch Skill Receiver Gloves

Wilson’s iteration of youth receiving gloves mean business. Just by the name, you’ll know it.

The MVP Clutch Skill Receiver Football Gloves will allow you to catch beautiful game breaking passes throughout the game. Wilson’s Tack Tech technology allows for great palm perforations that keep the hands cool and dry while still allowing full range of motion. 

The ProFuse Stability Technology gives this pair of gloves superior, stable control of the ball without hindering the maneuverability of the hands. They have reinforced thumb and index flexion giving them full dexterity and improving your catching ability.

The wrist straps are fully adjustable providing a custom fit for each individual player. Wilson definitely discovered the right play with this pair of gloves.

3. Nike Youth Vapor Jet 4.0 Receiver Gloves

Another set of youth football gloves from Nike are the Youth Vapor Jet 4.0. These are receiver gloves meant for players who love to go for high-risk, high-reward plays.

Nike Vapor Jet 4.0 Football Gloves

The Vapor Jet 4.0 Football Gloves are lightweight receiver gloves combining comfort, agility and superior grip into one great package.

These gloves offer full-length Magnagrip palms providing superior grip while allowing you to catch dumps, bullet passes or even that big time Hail Mary pass with confidence.

The palms help maintain a secure grip while you carry the ball for a first down or a touchdown. 

The interior is well-designed with an abrasion-resistant mesh material and a lightweight feel with comfort in the hands. You will not lose hand speed while wearing this pair of gloves.

The exterior has a very breathable synthetic mesh. This allows a continuous airflow to the hands keeping them cool and dry. To top it all off, the hook and loop closure allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.

4. Under Armour Youth F5 Receiver Gloves

Under Armour also made a play when it comes to receiver gloves by developing their F5 Receiver Gloves. The F5 will increase your catching rate so significantly, they can help you create a highlight film for your coach to replay for the entire team.

This pair of gloves has palms that are extremely sticky due to the Armour® GrabTack™ technology. This increases the catcher’s catch rate and ball security. You will not worry about fumbles or dropped catches with this on your gloves.

The F5 youth football gloves are made with HeatGear technology fabric allowing a very effective backhand ventilation. This keeps moisture and heat  to a minimum inside the gloves. Your hands will be cool and dry while wearing the F5.

In terms of fit and comfort, this pair has hook and loop closure straps giving you the perfect fit every time.

5. Adidas Youth Scorchlight 4.0 Receiver Gloves

The Adidas Scorchlight 4.0 is a pair of lightweight receiver gloves helping young players catch passes with better control.

The Scorchlight 4.0 has a reinforced thumb that improves the stability and control of every catch a player makes. The gloves do not feel artificial because of their lightweight design combined with a multi-directional stretch compression. 

These gloves have a very customizable fit because of their smooth neoprene band. The band allows the user to find the best fit.  The mesh finish allows for airflow to pass through and keep the hands cool and dry.

Adidas definitely gave the Scorchlight 4.0 a lot of attention resulting in one of the best pairs of receiver gloves on the market.

Conclusion for the Best Youth Football Gloves

While talent and physical prowess come naturally to a player or gained through hard work, every player can benefit from good football equipment including football receiving gloves.

No quarterback becomes great solely through their passing alone. Every good passer becomes great when a great receiver catches their passes. This is why receiver gloves can greatly benefit you and your team.

The 5 brands mentioned above are some of the best pairs of youth football gloves on the market. No one wants to drop a pass during a crucial moment of the game, so get a grip and wear one of these gloves.

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