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5 Best Youth Football Cleats

Having a pair of great youth football cleats is so important in playing tackle football or kids flag football. These sports require tremendous skill and athleticism from the athlete, and it all starts with staying on their feet.

Reflexes, speed, catching ability, agility, and vertical leap are all required when playing this sport.

So... having a pair of great football cleats is an important part of a football player’s arsenal.

The improved grip, stability, and comfort will greatly affect a player’s skill and ability to make great plays. 

Finding a pair of youth football cleats is easy, but finding the best pair can be quite a challenge.

But... you do not have to go on this search alone.

Below are 5 of the best youth football cleats on the market. These can give your football player the advantage they need to dominate their opponent in the field.

Best Youth Football Cleats

1. Renegade RM Football Cleats (Under Armour)

These football cleats come from an international brand known for its quality and performance.

The Renegade football cleats are a great cleat made with engineered synthetic material.  

Renegade Football Cleats

Renegade Football Cleat Advantages:

  • Give the player great support and stability
  • Help the player create incredible plays that will shake their defenders out of their shoes
  • The die-cut EVA footbed boasts of superior durability and lasting comfort
  • The design helps maintain great energy and consistency in every single game

The outsole of the Renegade cleat is made of rubber that gives them unparalleled grip.  This grip allows great acceleration and the ability to switch directions in a dime. This is definitely one of the best pairs of football cleats on the market.

2. Highlight RM Football Cleats (Under Armour)

This is yet another set of youth football cleats from the Under Armour shelves that is just as impressive as the Renegade. Aptly named Highlight RM Cleats, you can expect to make highlight plays wearing this pair.

These cleats have the UA ClutchFit upper layer that wraps every inch of the shoes to provide enhanced fit and support. Highlight RM football cleat has extended eyebrow cut-outs that allow better access and ease of entry as well as superior flexibility.

Just like the Renegade, the Highlight also has the die-cut EVA midsole that provides the player with the same comfort and cushioning. You can also rely on it when you need acceleration or a quick change of direction because of its rubber outsole.

The defense will definitely be at your mercy when you are wearing the Highlight.

3. Alpha Shark 2 Mid Football Cleats (Nike)

The Alpha Shark 2 Cleats are a mid-cut, high performance Football cleat that is lightweight yet full of features.

The upper layer is made of synthetic leather combined with a dynamic fit system that provides unparalleled durability, reliability, and performance. The dynamic fit system provides security and stability in every situation.

Alpha Shark 2 Football Cleats

The mid-sole is made of full-length Phylon, a material that provides maximum padding for a very comfortable experience throughout the game.

You can also rely upon the Alpha Shark 2 for bursts of speed and ankle-breaking runs because of the Shark rubber outsole.

These cleats are manufactured using Nike’s Fast Flex technology that provides improved traction, acceleration, and better flexibility, which results in a more natural foot movement.

The Alpha Shark 2 will help you feed on the defense like the offensive monster you were born to be.

4. Strike Shark Football Cleats (Nike)

The Strike Shark cleats are meant for the aggressive player.

The upper layer of the Strike Shark has the NIKESKIN and mesh combo that provides the player with a comfortable supportive fit. This combo allows maximum breathability that allows for great airflow keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

The ankle straps provide great stability and security for the player. Just like the Alpha Shark 2, the Strike Shark’s midsole has a full-length Phylon which gives a reliable lightweight padding and comfort consistent throughout the game.

The Shark Rubber outsole with the Nike Fast-Flex also makes a return here. You can expect the same traction and natural feel like the Alpha Shark 2.

You will be able to accelerate, spin, or juke around defenders without worrying about losing traction or stability.

This is a great choice of cleats if you want to hit your opponents hard on the gridiron.

5. Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats (Nike)

Be untouchable and dominate in the field with Nike’s Vapor Shark 2.

The Vapor Shark 2 is a mid-cut pair of youth football cleats that are very light yet sturdy.

The upper layer of these cleats are made of durable, lightweight, synthetic leather. They do not hamper the player’s ability to move and run.

The midsole is made of one of the best, if not the best, full-length Phylon material that provides extreme comfort and cushioning throughout the game.

Comfort is very important to any athlete, since it can greatly affect their athletic abilities.

Lastly, the outsole is made of aggressive shark rubber outsoles using the Nike Fast-Flex technology. These two components can greatly increase the player’s ability to accelerate and move more naturally around the field.

The added support is also great for quickly changing directions during spin moves and jukes. Overall, the Vapor Shark 2 will make you virtually untouchable on the field.

Conclusion for the Best Youth Football Cleats

In the sport of American football, the feet of the players are essential. Every position will eventually need to accelerate, juke around and run in every football games.

Great running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks can greatly benefit from reliable cleats to ensure that their offense runs smoothly. Defensive players will need to match the offense’s speed and agility too.

All these reasons explain why having a subpar pair of football cleats is out of the question.

If you are planning to buy a reliable pair of football cleats, be sure to consider one of the above.

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