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Youth Basketball Sign Ups

Looking for youth basketball sign ups for your kids?

Finding a local basketball team for your child is just a search away.

No basketball team at your child's school? ... No Problem

Schools usually don't have a kids basketball team until 6th grade or so.

If your kid is in 5th grade or below and doesn't have a basketball team at school, you could sign them up at your local YMCA or recreation center. My kids played several sports this way.

You can also find a basketball team to join in your area by searching in the box below.

Youth Basketball Team Sign Up Search:

Search in the box below for a youth basketball sign ups near you:

For Example: Search "Youth Basketball Franklin TN"

If you don't find a team with the search above, you can also try this site called Upward Sports. They specialize in assisting people to find youth leagues near them.

Get the proper basketball equipment...

They need to be prepared for all the hard training and practicing they will be doing. Practicing regularly allows them to be the best player they can be.

What Equipment Do You Need For Youth Basketball

Basketball Size Chart:

  • Size 4 - Kids 5-8 years
  • Size 5 - Kids 9-11 years
  • Size 6 - Boys 12-14, Girls 12 and up
  • Size 7 - Boys 12 and up

Basic equipment for youth basketball:

The equipment below is optional but not absolutely necessary to play the game.

Basically these are the items your kids will probably ask for, and you decide if they can have them. ;)

Optional basketball accessories:

The above list of basketball equipment will get your kid off to a great start as a future basketball player. Being well equipped from the start is being better prepared.

The list of optional basketball accessories may not be necessary, but they can be fun extras. They also make great gifts for any basketball player you know.

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