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Tee Ball Sign Ups

Looking for tee ball sign ups for your kid?

Search in the box below for a tee ball league near you.

Tee Ball Sign Up Search:

You can find a tee ball league in your area by checking out your local YMCA, your local recreation center or by searching Google in the box below for a tee ball league in your city and state.

For Example: Search for "Tee Ball Franklin TN" or whichever state you live in to find a tee ball program near you.

Get your child on a team today!

What is the Best Age for Tee Ball?

Kids can start playing tee ball as early as 3 years old. Tee ball rules are very simple at this age, and they usually do not keep score.

This sport is all about the kids having fun and learning at the same time.

Usually when the kids hit the age of 6, they move on to kids baseball.

What Equipment Do You Need for Tee Ball?

General list of equipment for tee ball:

Optional equipment for tee ball:

Note about tee ball cleats:

You may have a hard time finding cleats that are specifically called "tee ball cleats", that is because there is no difference from tee ball cleats and youth baseball cleats.

It is not necessary to buy tee ball cleats for children under 5 years old, but that is completely up to the parent. They can simply wear their own youth tennis shoes.

If you do buy them cleats, just make sure they are careful with them around other kids on the team. Those knobby cleats can hurt if the kids step on each other.

Now get your kids out there and have fun!

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