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Preschool Games and Sports for Kids

7 Preschool Games and Sports Families can Play with their Kids at Home

Young children should be involved in some preschool games or physical activities. This develops their motor and their physical skills.

Sports and exercises strengthen their muscles, their heart, their lungs.

Nowadays, children spend so many hours strapped into car seats or propped up watching TV. They are also fed with foods that are not good for their health. That is a double whammy! 

It's best for fathers to take a lead on this, teaching the kids some sports activities or preschool games. Not only will the kids get their physical activity, but they will also learn discipline, motivation, commitment, and cooperation.

It's easy to think of sports and outdoor activities for toddlers and kids.

The best sport is one which would arouse your child's interest. Here are some great family sports and preschool games that you can try:

1. Octo-Dodgeball

This sport involves a lot of physical activity and fun. It is a very common game we have played in our younger years. You apply the classic dodgeball rules with a different twist. 

Anyone who's hit by the ball must stay on the site where they got hit. They can then tag any other player who runs by them, forcing them to sit as well. That way, movement in the field is continuous.

2. Bowling

With this game, you won't even need to buy a bowling kit.

What you'll need for home-made bowling:

  1. 6 water bottles (filled with sand or water for stability)
  2. A medium-sized indoor ball
  3. Duct tape.

You'll also need a longitudinal space in your home like a hallway. That's it, so let's get started! 

Line the six empty bottles at the end of the hallway and place a strip of duct tape at the starting line. Get your medium-sized ball and start bowling. Make sure that the caps of the water bottles are screwed on tightly so there is no extra mess to clean up.

3. Home Basketball

This is an interesting basketball game with a slight variation.

Remember, you're playing with your kids. Play the sport with them using this version. 

You'll need a bucket and socks rolled up in a ball. If you'd prefer, use a small ball.

Each player takes turns in throwing the ball into the bucket.

If a player scored, the player takes a step backward and throws the ball again until he/she misses.

The player who is farthest from the bucket naturally wins the game.

 Hide and Seek around the House

This is perhaps one of the most played of all preschool games. Most of us have played hide and seek during our own childhood.

It is an outdoor as well as an indoor game. The kid who is "IT" usually has his eyes covered and loudly counts while the other players hide.

Upon finishing the count, the one who is "IT" starts looking for the other players, the hiders. The last hider found is the next one to be "IT". 

For the younger kids, hiding is always prone to giggles, thus betraying their position.

Older children can play the game but with an added twist, by doing it in the dark. You can even bend the rules by allowing the seeker to turn on a flashlight as soon as he finishes counting.

Make your own Balance Beam

Here's another fun idea. It's a balance beam game without a balance beam.

Instead, you have a strip of duct or masking tape laid out on the floor in a straight line.

Children love walking on lines.

Play some music and one at a time let the children walk on the straight line of tape, one foot over the other.

You can even make the children walk the line backward or let them balance on one foot.

6. Freeze Dance

This game will surely elicit laughter from the children and parents. It is in a way, a competitive game that would need good concentration and reflexes.

Gather some kids, play some vibrant music and let the kids dance. 

At any time, you'll stop the music. When that happens, the kids need to freeze in whatever position they find themselves.

A variation of the game is eliminating those caught still in motion when the music has stopped. The last good player wins the game.

Another variation is to ask the children to pose as animals, shapes letters or even do yoga postures.

 Dizzy Run

This game should draw laughter from its audience. It is basically a race. It's best played between just two or three family members, siblings preferred.

The players each take a bat and hold it right above their heads. They then bend forward and then spin around ten times. 

This will make them dizzy as they start their race against each other. Then watch them run zig-zagging towards the finish line.

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