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About Our Kids Sports

The story of our kids sports...

When my husband, Bryan, first heard we were having a boy as our first child, he grinned from ear to ear! He knew that our kids would play sports one day as he did, and he couldn't wait to watch it happen.

Of course I know that girls play sports too, but there is something about a father and son with sports that really bonds them big-time, especially this being our first child.

Since the time our first boy, Tucker, could move he was playing with soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, and golf balls... heck even his first word was "ball"....I'm not kidding!

We knew we wanted him to play sports, but what if he didn't want to or maybe he wouldn't like it?

Well, we didn't have to worry about him liking sports, because he was a natural.

We got him started in tee ball at 3 years old, and he loved it!

Like I've mentioned before, not all kids are ready to start sports at 3. Our child just so happened to take after dad and was very athletic at a young age.

Look for cues from your child to see if they are really ready for sports yet.

Once we saw how much Tucker enjoyed tee ball, we knew he would try other sports too. It was fun seeing him grow up and enjoy the different sports he tried.

When Tucker was 5 years old we had Max. Great, another boy to play sports!

Max also loved the sports he played, and he still loves them today.

Max started playing tackle football age 8, and he has continued playing ever since.

Tucker started tackle football at 8, but he switched to flag football the next year. He waited three more years before playing tackle football again.

Kids are all different.

We were not sure if Tucker would ever play tackle football again, but he did start back in 5th grade. He gradually gained more confidence each year since.

He simply tried other sports in the meantime, and we never pushed him into anything.

Ok, so we had two boys in sports, our kids sports theme was coming along nicely. Then along comes our third child, and this time "it's a girl"!

A girl? Do girls play sports?

My husband thought having a girl wouldn't be much different than a boy when they are young. While they are still babies, maybe this holds true.

Not long after little girls are crawling, you can see the difference in everything they do! :)

Our little girl, Mary, was quite the little princess of the house from an early age! When she was finally old enough to start an extra curricular activity, she wanted to take dance.

Now dance is very different from football, but don't let that fool you. Dance is as serious as it comes!

She took dance lessons from a serious dance studio in our area. We did not have a clue what we were getting into.

She had her first dance recital at TPAC in Nashville, TN. I was shocked!

She was only 5 years old, and she was playing at a well-known theater in downtown Nashville? It certainly wasn't like this when I was her age.

Needless to say, she did great at her first appearance on stage. No stage fright or anything! :)

Next she tried gymnastics, then horseback riding and then on to cheerleading.

The fun never ends!

Our kids sports theme had just turned into a "our kids sports and other extra curricular activities" theme instead.

I hope this explains a little about our kids in sports, as well as other extra curricular activities.

I invite you to read some of the stories and information that my husband and I learned over the years with these activities.

Thanks for stopping by!

Carrie Stokes
"The Kids Sports Mom"

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