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Curious about Kids Baseball?

Finally... kids baseball!!! This is my favorite sport of them all!  :-O

My kids still like playing several different sports, but this was one of their favorites.

First you might ask how to play baseball. A valid question, and this is why I dedicated another page for that subject. ;)

Since I am the observing parent, I don't claim to know all the rules of baseball. I am only familiar with the basic rules, and that is really all you need to know to have plenty of fun.

Kids baseball is not the most physical sport when compared to others, but it can still be rough.

My son has slid into so many bases, so many times.

He has had skinned up and bruised body parts all over... some requiring minor home medical attention.

Could my kid get hurt in baseball?

The short answer is "Yes!".

Baseball is less physical than tackle football and possibly basketball, but there is still a possibility for your kids to get minor injuries in this sport too.

Potential Areas in baseball to get injured:

  • Batting - A batter is standing in the path of a ball being pitched anywhere from 50 to 90 miles an hour depending on the pitcher's ability. Yes, it's highly likely to be hit by the ball being pitched, and most likely it will happen more than once.
  • Sliding into a base - Running the bases is not easy! Many time the runner needs to slide into a base to be safe, and this could mean running into the player trying to tag them out.

Remember the fun part is watching your kids up at the plate ready to hit that next line drive, or maybe a home run. ☺

... home runs are somewhat rare, so we always hoped for a base hit at least!

Find a Youth Baseball League

If you are ready to sign your kids up for baseball, you can start by checking out your local recreation center or by searching Google in the box below.

Kids Baseball Sign Up Search:

Search in the box below for a kids baseball league near you:

For Example: Search "Youth Baseball Franklin TN"

Custom Search

What is the best position to play in baseball?

Everyone has eyes on the batter and pitcher for the first play in a baseball game.

Everyone waits to see what the pitcher will pitch and if the batter can hit it. This is where your kid has a chance to shine in their own spotlight.

Each baseball position has its moments.

Young Baseball PitcherTucker in the pitching pose

Since each play always starts with the pitcher, I love to watch my young baseball player standing on the mound glaring at the batter ready to strike him out.

I do get a little nervous when my son is pitching in a game. I am always praying he throws a strike every time, and that he does not feel how nervous I am for him. :-)

My youngest son recently discovered he likes playing catcher. In this position, he can touch the ball on almost every play of the game just like the pitcher. Both are great positions for children with ADHD, and my middle son did get that diagnosis recently.

The constant movement in these positions helps hold their attention longer than say .... playing left field. :)

Don't get me wrong, playing left field becomes way more important as they get older and they start hitting the ball in that part of the field more often.

Baeball player running basesMy son Max rounding third base

Equipment Needed For Baseball

Basic Baseball Equipment:

So what equipment do you need to play baseball? Here is a general list of what equipment is needed to play baseball:

Is Your Son a Baseball Catcher?

If your child is a catcher they will also need baseball catchers gear including:

Benefits of Kids Playing Baseball

Besides the fact that kids baseball is a lower impact game than some of the others, it has some other qualities I like as well.

  • More down time - your kids can take a break and watch their own teammates play. They can root them on from the dug out while waiting for their turn to bat.

  • Usually good weather - Games are usually called off for too much rain. This keeps you from sitting outside in miserable weather to watch your kids play. Spring and Fall are popular seasons for these sports.

  • Kids show off their individual talent - kids baseball is still a team sport, but it also allows your kids to show off their individual skills.

  • Any kids can play baseball - youth baseball can be played by all kids no matter their height or weight. They each bring an advantage to the team. Some are faster and some are better hitters, but all these talents are needed to win.

Baseball PitcherMy son Tucker getting ready to pitch

Disadvantages of Kids Baseball

Since baseball is my personal favorite sport for my children to play, I will have a hard time finding many disadvantages, but here we go anyway…

  • Make up games - kids baseball games that need to be made up due to bad weather, may not be at a convenient time or place. Some never get made up at all, so your kids miss that extra game in the season

  • Last minute game cancellations - You've planned all week for this game, and then it rains! You're lucky if it starts raining early enough to have the game cancelled before you leave, but games can be cancelled at any time... even after they started playing!

  • Dirty laundrybaseball pants get pretty dirty from sliding onto the bases. I just don't understand why baseball teams mostly wear white pants.

  • Expensive baseball equipment - baseball equipment can add up! Shop around to find good deals, they do not need the most expensive brands to play the game.

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