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Should Kids Tee Ball be the "First Sport" for Your Kids?

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Playing tee ball is a great introduction sport for baseball. Your kids can start with tee ball and make a smooth transition into baseball.

Should kids play tee ball before baseball?

Most children adapt well to tee ball because of it's simplicity! 

Just like flag football allows your child to learn the basics for tackle football; kids tee ball allows your child to learn the basic rules of the game in order to play kids baseball.

It's good to start them with tee ball, because you can always move them to baseball later.

Tee ball is not an aggressive sport, so it is very easy for young children who are just starting to play sports. It is one of the most popular games for kids to play, and it gets them outside away from the TV and video games for a little while.

Kid playing tee ballLittle girl lining up her bat to hit off the tee

How Do You Play Kids Tee Ball?

What is the parent's role in kids tee ball?

In a kids tee ball game, usually one parent of each child will need to be on the field with their kids during the game.

They are so young and are just learning how to play, so they will need guidance with each position.

How is a typical tee ball game played?

The rules of kids tee ball are basic...

The tee ball positions are the same as regular baseball positions except the tee ball players are just not as actively involved as a baseball player would be.

When I say "not as actively involved", i just mean that there is a pitcher position in kids tee ball, but that player does not actually pitch. They stand and wait for the ball to be hit and fielded.

This applies for all the other positions as well. At the tee ball stage they are just trying to hit the ball with the bat. The outfielders are trying their best to get an out.

As soon as the batter hits the ball, the outfielders try to get the baseball to first base before the batter gets there. Even if they can do this, the batter is not ruled out.

Again, tee ball is all about learning the rules. There are no outs called in the entire game.

Every batter per team gets to hit the ball off the tee during one inning, and each player will advance one base at a time. The last batter gets to run all the bases to home plate right behind the other players.

Tee ball field positions:

  • First base
  • Second Base
  • Third Base
  • Shortstop
  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • Outfielders (could be five or more in tee ball)

Since everyone on the team plays in the outfield each inning, it is not limited to a right, left, and center fielder only.

Usually the coach will allow every player to try playing each tee ball position by switching them around every inning.

This allows the kids to learn how to play all the tee ball positions, since each one is a little different.

Why Should Kids Play Tee Ball?

Kids tee ball games are really all about your kids getting out there and having fun!

Tee ball provides the most basic exposure for young kids to sports with a minimal chance of them getting hurt, and they have fun doing it!

It is really fun for the parents to watch their little kids swinging at the ball and seeing the look on their little faces when they hit that ball into the field.

When you see the look that says, “I did it!”, you know that it has boosted their self-esteem.

The earlier you can boost a little kid’s self-esteem the better. They are like little sponges at this young age, so you want to feed them with very positive emotions as often as possible.

Since tee ball has proven to be a great way to easily transition your child into playing standard baseball or softball, it is really all about the kids learning how to play.

Both boys and girls are encouraged to play tee ball for a good fundamental start in sports.

I would highly recommend your child at least giving tee ball a try as one of their first team sports to play.

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