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Want To Play Kids Soccer?

Have you thought about playing kids soccer? Does your child show an interest in kicking things around at home?

Why not try putting that foot to some good use, and try them out on a kids soccer team?

It is so easy to get involved in soccer and very easy to learn.

When our oldest boy, Tucker, got too impatient with t-ball at only 3 years old, we tried him on a YMCA soccer team the next season.

T-ball can have too much down time for some children, but soccer keeps your child constantly moving.

Soccer Sign Up Search:

Search in the box below to sign up for kids soccer in your area:

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You might also find a league through the US Youth Soccer website.

He loved it so much he played for 5 seasons in a row! His nickname became “Big Foot” with his teammates.

What Equipment Should Your Kids Have for Soccer Practice or Games?

What are the Rules for Kids Soccer?

I do not claim to know all the rules of any of these sports, since I am just a supporter and observer of my kids playing these sports.

I did have to look up the basic soccer rules on the Internet myself.

I do know that this game is very basic and easy for kids to learn, which might account for the reason it is the most popular sport in the world!

My boys have played on many soccer teams growing up, so I have witnessed firsthand many young kids easily learning to play the game of soccer.

It is okay for them to mess up and accidentally score a goal for the other is all part of the learning process. It is also very comical to watch. ;)

When I told my boys how to play soccer at 3 years old, I simply said… “try to kick the ball into the other team’s goal as fast as you can without using your hands and without letting the other team kick it away from you”.

There…simple right?

Well, not as easy as it sounds.

The kids end up in one big pack around the ball stumbling all over each other. They don’t know the concept of passing yet. :)

Again…comical to watch!

What Are the Advantages of Playing Kids Soccer?

  • Exercise: This sport constantly keeps your child running, so this is a great way for your kids to get in their exercise each week.

  • Low Down Time: Soccer is good for young kids to play, because it holds their attention longer than some sports. The ball is constantly being kicked around, so the kids have to keep following it.

  • Simple Rules: The game of soccer is easy for kids to learn. The rules are simple, especially for kids at a young age. They just kick the ball toward and into the goal.

  • For Girls and Boys: All kids can play soccer regardless of age, size or gender. I have seen more and more girls who like to play soccer these days than ever before.

  • Learn Teamwork: Soccer is great for learning teamwork as they constantly have to pass the ball to their teammates.

  • Meet New Friends: As close as the soccer team works together, they really get to know each other and build friendships.

Both of my boys played soccer when they were little, and they loved it! It is also fun for the parents to watch, because they are just so cute running in their soccer uniforms and shin guards.

Inevitably at least one child will kick the ball the wrong direction and sometimes even make a goal for the other team. It’s ok, because most soccer leagues at this age do not keep an official score.

When your kids are young, it’s all about having fun learning the game. There is plenty of time for keeping score when they are older. Besides, I know all the father’s are keeping score in their heads anyway. ;)

The last three items on the list should be provided as part of the sign up fee for your team.

That’s pretty much it! Now go sign your kid up for soccer and have fun! :)

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