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Kids Gymnastics

“How about trying kids gymnastics?”

Ever think about how nice it would be to let your child play off some of their energy? It may not always be nice weather to send them outside to play, so how about an indoor sport?

Does your child like tumbling around the house or outside?

Maybe they would like to further develop those moves into something more rewarding and fun for them in an open environment.

If only there was a way they could play inside without the worry of them knocking over a plant or lamp, not to mention the noise.

Girl on balance beam

Advantages of Kids Gymnastics

  • Gymnastics allows your child to feel free and stay in shape. It is a healthy way for them to have fun
  • Promoting an early interest in gymnastics could set the stage for a longer interest in staying healthy and in shape as they grow up
  • Kids gymnastics is fun for boys and girls
  • Gymnastics involves a wide range of motion of their body. This is good for flexibility which has many health benefits, but is something that gets lost for many people as they get older
  • Your kids can take gymnastics at most any age.

What Age Should Your Kids Start Gymnastics?

Girl uneven bars

We took my first boy to toddler gymnastics when he was only 18 months old.

They would jump on a mini trampoline, play on an indoor playground, and even balance on a low balance beam.

They do all of this with the help of a teacher or the parent right by their side.

My little girl, Mary, started gymnastics at 5 after first trying dance class at 4. She was instantly drawn to it!

Mary says she wants to be a cheerleader; so having a dance background mixed with gymnastics was the perfect way to prepare her for cheerleading.

Kids can start gymnastics whenever the parent decides they are ready for it. There is age appropriate gymnastics classes everywhere.

What Do You Need For Kids Gymnastics?

The nice thing about gymnastics is that you really do not need very much to get started.

1.   Find a facility near you that teaches gymnastics (You can look this up in your local Yellow Pages or Google search the Internet for "Gymnastics" including your city and state below).

Search for a gymnastics class in your area:

Example search: Gymnastics Franklin TN

Custom Search

2.    Find gymnastics leotards: All you need is a couple of pairs, and you’re ready to go!

Girl Uneven Bars

Basic Expenses For Kids Gymnastics

Here is also a list of basic expenses to expect for children between the ages of 3 and 10 who want to participate in gymnastics:

  • Possible member sign-up fee (Many gyms need to hold a regular spot for your child to be in the class each week)
  • Monthly tuition fee for gymnastics classes in a local facility (It might be possible to put a hold on classes for a certain time period if you know your child will be back, but there might still be a charge each month)
  • Gymnastics leotards (it’s better to have at least two then replace them as they grow out of them). These are much less expensive to buy on rather than at the gymnastics facility you go to.
  • Gymnastics recital fee (this is usually optional if they are participating in a gymnastics recital).

Girl handstand

You will notice the expenses are very minimal compared to the other sports I address on this site.

They usually only attend class once a week for about an hour, so it is a minimal commitment for the parents too.

I realize there would be more expenses and time commitment for kids gymnastics depending on how far your child advances in this activity.

The Areas of Gymnastics

My little girl only plans on using her gymnastic skills to be a cheerleader, but other kids may want to get more advanced in a particular area of gymnastics such as:

Some kids may even want to compete in some of the above areas.

Many times the place your son or daughter started gymnastics will also offer these other programs.

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