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Need Kids Golf Lessons?

Are kids golf lessons in your future?

It really all depends on how your child responds to a toy golf club first to see if they are going to be ready for camps or lessons.

Some kids don’t start playing till they are much older, and others won’t play at all.

If your child seems to really like golf, you might want to start them with a couple of lessons early on.

If they develop the wrong golf swing form too early, sometimes it is hard to break that old habit as they get older.

My husband never took kids golf lessons, so he basically taught himself how to play.

After playing golf for years on his own he had developed his own swing, but it was not doing well for him.

Golf stance

He finally took some golf lessons in his 30’s, and by then the habit was too tough to break.

He had developed a muscle memory of his swing that no matter how hard he tried he could not swing the golf club any different.

We started Tucker in his first golf camp at five. From there, he went to at least one golf camp every summer for a few years.

He was only old enough for the day camps until he turned 10, then he was old enough to start the overnight golf camp. He did that for a few summers as well.

He still really enjoys playing golf today. He now plays leisurely with his dad and grandfather whenever the weather cooperates. Of course Tucker always wins! ;)

You never know, but maybe one day in the future he might have to conduct business on a golf course. I think it always looks better for business when you know how to play.

“Where Do Your Kids Learn How To Play Golf?”

If your son or daughter really takes a special interest in golf, then there are several things you can do to help them learn more about this sport.

Here are some places you can go to get your kids some golf lessons:

  • Check with your local golf courses and driving ranges to see if they offer classes for young golfers
  • Local golf courses usually offer individual lessons with a golf professional for your kids
  • Look into local colleges in your area for junior golf clinics
  • Many high schools offer kids golf clinics during the summer months
  • Some private schools offer golf camps that are open to anyone
  • A few golf courses even offer overnight golf camps for kids

Golf chip swing

These are all just some places to get your child more exposure or experience with playing golf. If you think your child is really serious about golf, you can sign them up to attend a junior golf camp.

Tucker attended several different junior golf camps, but I think his favorite was the one he took at Vanderbilt University one year. It was during the day for three days. It was so hot that summer that for the last day they brought out a water slide, so the campers could cool off with a slide to end the camp.

I also wish I had sent him to the overnight TOUR Academy Junior Golf Camp at the Legends of Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. He had already been to a different overnight camp which was just fine, but I think he would have like the Vanderbilt overnight camp better since it was his favorite day camp.

He just seemed to grow older each week he went to the junior camp. Somehow learning the sport of golf made him act more mature. When he came home, he seemed calmer, more disciplined and more respectful to everyone around him.

Kids golf can be a very rewarding game for them to play. It may not be for everyone, but I definitely think it is worth giving a shot.

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