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Preparing for Kids Football?

Trying to decide if your child is ready for kids football? Below are a few questions to ask yourself and/or your child...

Tackle vs. Flag Football

  • Do they actually like sports? ...I know, obvious question, but must be asked.
  • Are they ready to be tackled or knocked down?
  • Does your kid like to workout?
    --- This would include lots of running, sit ups, push ups and weight lifting. (More aggressively and more often at the high school level)
  • Do they like being outdoors in any kind of weather?
  • Can your child handle a coach possibly yelling at him or her?
  • Are you as a parent okay with watching your child get knocked around by other football players?

    --- Yes, they can possibly get hurt in this game

If you answered "yes" to all the questions above, then your kid might be ready for Tackle Football.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, maybe they should start with Flag Football first.

It doesn't matter if they start with tackle or flag football first, your child will learn what they need to know to be a better player in the future.

How Do You Prepare for Kids Football?

  • Plenty of Exercise:

    --- Cardio: Kids football is a strenuous sport and takes stamina and endurance. Cardio exercises will help them have more energy for the practices and games. You just want them to do something to get their heart rate going for an extended amount of time. -------> Football Workouts
    --- Weights: When your kids are a little older, especially in high school, many coaches require a weight lifting schedule, which begins a few weeks before the football season begins. -------> Weight Sets

If your kids are in great physical shape, they are less likely to get injured during a game. They will stand stronger for blocking and tackling.

  • Practice Drills:

    --- Play Catch: Take your kid out in the yard to simply throw and catch the football. This gets them used to the ball and how it feels to handle it. It's also great quality time with your kid.
    --- Check out this site for more football drills:
    --- Check out this link to Amazon for books on football drills:
     Amazon Football Drill Books

Being prepared for kids football helps to make sure your kids do not get hurt as easily.

  • Keep Them Hydrated:

    --- Water: This is always the best choice for hydration. Have bottled water delivered right to your door!

  • Post Game or Workout:

    --- Sports Drinks: These are probably not going to be consumed during games, but your kids would probably like one after a workout or game. Gatorade or Powerade delivered right to your door!
    --- Chocolate Milk: This is definitely for after a game of workout, NEVER before. Check out this study on the benefits of chocolate milk post workout. Also get chocolate milk delivered right to your door!

There has been much debate on whether it is better to hydrate with water or sports drinks, but I believe a mixture of both works well.

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Some Kids Are More Ready For Football Than Others

little football player

My two boys were total opposites when it came to playing tackle football!

They are five years apart in age, but they were five worlds apart in their attitude toward this sport at age 8.

My first boy, Tucker, was afraid of being tackled when he was 8, but my second boy, Max, was born to tackle at 8!

Max started right off as a lineman and center. He loved to tackle! We couldn't believe it! He really enjoyed it right away.

Over the years both of our boys became very strong football players.

When Max was playing tackle football at 8 with little league, his brother Tucker was playing football with his middle school. By age 12, Tucker had completely turned his attitude around toward football and was playing on offense and defense. He rarely came off the field!

Overlapping Football Games?

So, we then had two football players at the same time. Luckily their schedules didn't overlap that year.

Of course we knew non-overlapping games would not last forever. In later years my husband would go to one game while I went to the other simultaneously. Luckily this didn't happen often.

Since my husband and I would each miss one of their games, we would call or text each other the play-by-play updates.

If your kids are the same school or school district, you should not have to worry about overlapping games.

Usually overlapping football schedules come when one kid is in a county league and the other is in the school district league.

Football players

Beginner or Advanced Kids Football Team, Which Should Your Kid Join?

We tried our first boy, Tucker, in tackle football at 8 years old.

He was really good at other sports, and we were told by other coaches and parents that he should be in a higher division of kids football.

We started him at a higher level, and he was not ready for it yet.

This higher level team made him afraid to play kids football at all. Even youth tackle football is tough on your kids. A lower division would have been best at first, and then let him work his way up.

Use Common Sense When Choosing a Football Team Level:

Of course it sounds like common sense to try a lower level team for every sport first, but this was our first child. We had other parents and coaches giving us advice, so it was easy to dismiss our own common sense.

By 8 years old Tucker had played golf, t-ball, soccer, basketball, and karate and excelled in each of these sports as a kid.

He was getting noticed by other parents and coaches.

We chose to listen to the advice of Tucker's coaches and other parents instead of our own common sense.

Just because my child was good at multiple sports, did not mean he was good at all sports. Even my son was telling me he wasn't ready for that level, so we should've listened.

There is no need to rush your kids into any sport, all sports are learned with time and practice.

Take it slow when first starting kids football:

Playing kids football is tougher on your child if you start them out too advanced. They can always move up to a more advanced tackle football team later.

Even youth football is a high contact sport, and it takes time for kids to get used to tackling and remembering all the game rules.

Therefore, it is better to start them out on a beginner level, especially if they have never played that sport before.

You do not want to push your kids into a sport they are afraid of, or they could turn their back on it for good!

Luckily we did not scar our child for life by starting him on a team that was too advanced for him. He did warm up to football a little more as the season went on.

He actually ended up being the kicker for the team rather than a linebacker or some other tough position.

He was so good in soccer, he got the nickname "Big Foot", since he could kick the football further than anyone else on the team.

He became the punter and the kicker for their team, and all was good. It was less playing time, but it worked out great for him that particular season.

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