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Anyone Can Play Kids Basketball

Is your kid ready for a full action sport? They should give kids basketball a try.

Go to our youth basketball sign ups page to find a team in your area.

Also find your youth basketball equipment to get started practicing!

Basketball involves constant movement similar to kids soccer. Never a dull moment!

The only downtime in kids basketball is sitting on the bench waiting for the coach to put them in to play. How much time they wait depends on how many kids are on the team.

Once they are on that basketball court, there is very little standing around. It is a great sport for kids with a short attention span.

The constant action also makes it more exciting for the parents watching the game.

With only five players on the court at one time, your kid is sure to get some time with the ball to show their stuff!

What are The Advantages of Playing Basketball?

  • Exercise: Get them ready for ALOT of running and jumping on the court! This makes playing basketball a really great exercise!
  • Builds a Stronger Healthier Body: This is one of many sports that can build muscle and endurance along with balance and coordination.
  • Easy Rules: The rules to basketball are fairly easy to learn and remember for any age level.
Basketball Coaching
  • Learn Teamwork: With only five players on the court at a time, they really need to work together to get the job done! This sport definitely teaches the advantages of teamwork.
  • Individually Shine: Only one player can handle the ball at a time, so the kids have the ability to show off their individual talents.
  • Very Few Weather Cancellations: No worrying about rescheduling games due to rain, since all basketball games are indoors. Occasionally they might cancel due to snow depending on your area.
  • Year Round Sport: You can find a basketball team for your kid to join nearly any time of year. The most popular season is usually from January to March.
  • Anyone Can Play: Kids basketball is great for boys and girls of all age levels.

Don't have a kids basketball team at your child's school?

See the Youth Basketball Sign Ups page to get your kid on a basketball team today!

What To Expect Before a Basketball Game

  • Get Warmed Up: The kids need to get warmed up before they play a game. Injuries are more likely to happen if they are not warmed up.
  • Keep Them Hydrated: Give them Gatorade and bottled water. We think having a little of both is good. Too much Gatorade can be high in sugar, but only drinking water doesn’t help replenish energy.
  • Listen To the Coach: It's easy for kids this age to get distracted. Especially when they're out on the court playing at high speed.

Now time for the game…

Will Your Kid Get To Play in the Game?

There are only a few minutes each quarter of playtime in basketball, so it depends on how many kids are on the team and how hard your kid practiced to determine how much bench time versus playtime your child will get.

Only five players can be playing on the court at a time, so your kid needs to work hard to stay on the court more often.

Nobody wants to see their kid get benched in sports!

We have been on both sides of the bench time versus play time scenario with both of our boys.

Basketball Player Hydrating

Our oldest boy, Tucker, is a great basketball player. In middle school there was a season where he was playing almost the entire game. The very next season, he was on the bench for most of the games.

He had different coaches for those two seasons. You never know how each coach is going to manage their players.

The volunteer coaches that have their own kids on the team in the age range of 3 to 11 years old might not have the experience of how to manage the players.

Try not to get frustrated at these coaches. After all they are volunteering their time (for free) to train your kids. The kids are just learning basketball at this age anyway, so it’s not like they're ready for the NBA yet.

Yes, we know it's easy to get caught up in a game, but parents should make every effort to hold their composure and set an example for the kids.

Which Kids Should Play Basketball?

If your child likes a fast moving game that involves a team, this is a good sport to try.

Kids basketball is similar to soccer in the fact that you have two teams battling to score a goal across a playing area, so they will definitely get some exercise.

Basketball Coach Cheering

Basketball and soccer are very different in terms of playing indoors vs. outdoors, and using your hands vs. your feet.

Is your child more of an indoor or outdoor person? Of course there is a variety of sports played indoors vs. outdoors, basketball is just one of the most popular indoor sports.

Basketball can get aggressive, so there is more risk of a player getting injured in this sport. There is little protective gear worn in basketball.

Check out the list of protective basketball gear they can wear.

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