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Sports Fundraising Ideas

Let’s face it; we all need fundraising ideas to raise money, because everything needs money to run smoothly these days... including kids sports.

Sports teams need quality facilities and equipment for the players. Money is needed for facilitating different logistics (transportation, food, accommodation, entertainment, the list goes on...).

…But as you know, contributions from supporters or parents are usually not enough to meet the financial demands of your kids sporting activities. 

So, what can be done about it? You need some creative and productive ways to raise money for your sports team/club.

Below are fundraising ideas categorized into offline and online and can be used to raise money for anything... not just sports.

14 Child Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Offline Fundraising Ideas:

Lollipop Fundraiser

1. Lollipop Sales

The idea here is simple; buy small candy lollipops at wholesale prices then sell the lollipops at a concession stand during various sporting events.

These could be fundraising events like fairs and holiday parties or directly to your supporters, (the kids can do the selling).

Lollipop sales can be a very profitable fundraiser that can fetch up to a 50% profit.

You can get some unique and irresistible lollipops that will sell faster and will therefore raise more money!

Set these lollipops directly on the counter at the school concession stand to grab the attention of your supporters. No one can resist a delicious looking lollipop!

2. Coupon Book Sales

I’m sure you are familiar with the coupon book fundraiser, but these coupon books have amazing value! If you have not used a coupon book as a fundraiser before, then this is definitely a great option to try.

These books have over $1,000 in discounts for your supporters to enjoy and most coupons are a “buy one get one free”! Just choose the appropriate book for your location.

3. Bake Cookies, Cakes & Other Snacks to Sell

I know this is one of the most common fundraising ideas, but it is still very effective!

Ask the parents of the players or other volunteers to bake cakes and cookies, which can be sold during a sports game or fundraiser event.

No time to bake for your fundraiser?

Pretzel Rods

Chocolatespretzel rodsbeef jerkyfruit snacks and gourmet popcorn are also great items to sell during a sporting or fundraising event. The pretzel rods are unique and very tasty to entice your concession stand customers to purchase.

Beef Jerky

4. Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Maybe you don’t want to sell stuff at all or you’d like to mix in a different fundraiser along with your food or product sales.

It is easy to start a shoe drive, all you have to do is collect the gently worn, used or new shoes from your supporters and Funds2Orgs will do the rest!

Once you collect all the shoes just call Funds2Orgs to pick them up, and they will send you a check. That’s it!

5. Car Wash

I know this is not unique, but it's very simple and fun for the kids.

What do you need for the car wash fundraiser:

  • A place to wash the cars (must have access to a water supply)

You can ask places like:

  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Your local school or college

Find a business in a somewhat busy location to find more cars to wash.

  • Promote the car wash through different mediums - Your school newsletter, social media, word of mouth, etc...
  • Presell car wash tickets

Give them a generic ticket they can use to get the car wash or create custom tickets to specifically assist in advertising the event.

  • Gather the kids to work the car wash

Don’t forget to offer up-sells when washing cars. For instance, if the customer chooses to wait while the car is being washed, you can offer them bottled water, popcorn, chocolate bar, lollipops, pretzel rod, beef jerky or whatever else you might have to sell for an additional amount.

Make sure to get decent supplies, so that they can be used again and again for future fundraisers.

6. Smencils and Smens

What are smencils you ask? These are scented No. 2 pencils that are made from recycled newspapers, so they are safe for the environment. They come in a variety of scents that the kids will love!


This is a great alternative for parents that would prefer keeping sweets out of the hands of their kids.

There are also Smens (bottom of page), which are scented pens. Again a very unique and popular item for the kids.

7. Professional Photos

Even in the days of camera phones, a professionally taken "family album" worthy photo can go a long way to remind people of some wonderful times they’ve had.

You can use that as a fundraising strategy for your sports team. Get a professional photographer to attend your events (whether day or evening) and earn a commission from every photo taken.

8. Rent A Kid

What you need for a “Rent A Kid” fundraiser:

  • Have kids or players from your sports team to volunteer and provide certain duties to your supporters.
  • Make a list of what the kids can do
  • Have members of the community hire them do various chores (babysitting, mowing the yard, or cleaning)
  • Charge a donation fee

9. Vendor Outsourcing

In this case, you could allow a local service provider or store representative set up a stand during your sporting event (e.g. a league or tournament).

The service provider could donate a designated amount to your fundraiser allowing them to set up a table at your event or they could donate a percentage of their profits.

You might want to go with a vendor that would not take away from any current sports fundraisers you already have going on.

Vendors that could conflict with your own sports fundraisers:

  • Sports apparel (you want to encourage sales of your own team apparel)
  • Local bakery (you want to sell your own baked goods for fundraising)

Local vendors to have at your fundraiser event:

  • Pet groomer or pet store
  • House cleaners
  • Pest control
  • House painters
  • Restaurants

10. Face Painting

Here is one of the fundraising ideas that kids love, and it's pretty easy to organize too.

What you need for a face painting fundraiser:

  • Volunteers willing to paint faces
  • Face paints kits
  • A bunch of kids who will pay a small fee for having their face painted. This can be done during a sports or fundraising event or maybe a school fair or field day. 

Online Fundraising Ideas

11. Crowdfunding

In addition to using the above offline fundraising ideas, you should open up doors for getting money with ease by creating a crowdfunding website.

Get your Free Fundraising Guide today!

How to set up your crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Create the crowdfunding webpage
  2. Share it like crazy with family, friends and on social media
  3. Watch the donations come rolling in!

The goal thermometer feature on your web page lets everyone know the progress of your fundraising project.

With online crowdfunding, your supporters can easily spread the word for you by sharing to their own social media sites.

This is the most effective and easiest way to raise money online today!

I've raised the most money with my kids school projects with a website like this, and I was barely trying. It was all new to me at first, but all I did was share it on Facebook once, and we met our goal!

12. Amazon's Affiliate Program For Nonprofits

On Amazon, everything sells! The Amazon affiliate program presents an opportunity for you as a team to make money especially by referring people to buy products (shop on Amazon) by following your link.

Your team can earn up to 10% affiliates commission. Given that, Amazon has millions of users; the 10% can easily add up and make your team a tidy sum of money.

13. Online Auction Site

Set up a website that hosts a fundraising auction online. Websites such as can help set you up with this as an option for your fundraising program.

14. GoodSearch

This is probably one of the easiest fundraising ideas here.

How to set up a Goodsearch Toolbar:

  1. Set up an account for your cause.
  2. Encourage your supporters to download the GoodSearch toolbar on all devices they use, and have them select your campaign as the cause to support.
  3. When your supporters use the Goodsearch toolbar to search for and purchase products on the internet (as they normally do), the team makes some money!

GoodSearch shares its advertising revenues with nonprofit supporters.

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