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Football Tryouts

Headed to football tryouts? What are the coaches looking for?

Tryouts and practices are physically demanding. Coaches expect players to come to tryouts in reasonable shape.

This page talks about the skills and performance your child should have for football tryouts. See football coach expectations for more information on what to expect after they make the team.

First thing to do is make sure the kids are in good physical shape.

Most sports programs require a physical from their doctor before they are cleared to play and sometimes even before they can tryout.

Find out from your school what forms need to be filled out in order to play.

Possible Forms Required For Sports Participation:

  • Physical Form: Usually needs signatures from the parent, student and physician
  • Emergency Treatment Form: Consent for medical care
  • Concussion Form: This is fairly new and provides information about concussion symptoms and proper actions that must be taken if symptoms occur. This is a statement of understanding from parents and players.
  • HIPPA Form: Privacy Practices Acknowledgement
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form: Cardiac Arrest symptoms and warning signs information sheet and parents and player acknowledgement of receipt and review.
  • Baseline Concussion Test: Form to sign allowing player to be baseline tested in case of a concussion during sports participation.

Different schools across the country could have different forms, but most will be similar to these above. Please check with you child's school for details.

Most schools have websites where this information should be available under the athletics section.

Middle School Football Tryout Performance Requirements

Coaches will expect different abilities in their football players and have different requirements of physical shape depending on their grade in school.

For instance, a coach would require one set of skills from a middle school student and a different set from a high school student.

Skills Coaches Want For Any Middle School Football Player

  • Run at least a half mile without stopping
  • Do 20 pushups
  • Do 20 sit-ups
  • An ability to perform an array of calisthenics and stretches
  • Be able to run several 40 yard sprints

Off-season conditioning is primarily the player’s responsibility, so each child that wants to be a football player will need self-discipline to get in shape on their own.

High School Football Tryout Performance Requirements

What are high school coaches looking for during a football tryout?

In addition to the attributes listed below, high school coaches generally start with assessing a player’s ability to run a 40-yard dash.

Sometimes they have them run it alone, and other times they will have two players race side by side.

The 40-yard-dash is a good indicator of a player’s level of speed and endurance they might posses during a game. It also helps a coach indicate what position that player might be best suited for.

Skills Coaches Want For Any High School Football Player

  • Speed: There is no substitute for speed. Being fast can really advance your football career.
  • Size: Football is a game of physics. Being physically more muscular and larger in size can give a huge advantage to a player.
  • Athletic Ability and Agility: Some people are born with it, others work for it, and some just don’t have it.
  • Condition: Players who show up to tryouts out of shape will have a hard time making the squad.
  • Hitting Ability: Football is a contact sport. Coaches are looking for players who can be appropriately aggressive. A player’s ability to hit and take a hit is important.
  • Winning Attitude: It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Players that want to play the game, they have fun with it, they give 100% on everything they do, they lead others in a positive manner, they motivate their teammates, they show dedication to the team and show up to practice every day.

Having one of these traits probably isn’t enough. Being a good athlete isn’t enough.

Football requires an inner-toughness that goes beyond pure athleticism, and during tryouts is where you need to show these qualities.

If your child has the passion for the game, these qualities will show through.

Bring it your all!!!

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