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Indoor Activities for Kids

6+ Activities for Kids That Are “Non Sports” Related

Want to find activities for kids? Are your kids not interested in sports?

Nearly “a quarter” of children ranging from 6 to 12 years old in the United States were involved in physical sports in 2015, according to a survey by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, and some of the most common sports to try are football, basketball and baseball.

This means that “three quarters” of these kids are not playing in sports. Of course, not all children are interested in playing sports or joining a physically competitive team.

Maybe your kid tried a sport and they didn’t like it, or maybe they were never interested in trying sports at all.

If your kids are not interested in sports, try providing them with a hobby or activity equally engaging as sports.

Below are activities for kids that are not sports-related but are still very productive ways for them to spend their time and develop their skills.

1. Knitting, Sewing, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Latch Hook and Needlepoint

Knitting, sewing and crochet were common for young girls back in the late 18th century, but they are still fun activities for kids to enjoy and benefit from today. These activities rely on instruction-following and hand-eye coordination, these skills that are also learned from playing physical sports.

Your child can produce various works like simple clothes, bags or blankets by sewing. They could also make artwork or home décor in the form of knitting, cross-stitch, needlepoint or latch hook.

When kids create something physical and usable, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction whether they realize it or not. These feelings are very healthy for anyone and can drive them to want to do it more.

Costs for this activity can vary depending on how and where you purchase your materials. There are plenty of sewing and knitting kits available for children in your local crafts store, but you can also find them online.

Buying these craft kits online will provide you with a much greater variety to choose from, convenience of being delivered to you, and many times a lower cost.

Try shopping at for great deals on these activities for kids below:

Painting or Graphic Art

Children are known to have vast and creative imaginations starting at a young age.

Painting is an activity that comes in different levels of seriousness. You can buy a children’s paint set for younger kids, but older kids can be enrolled in art classes.

If your child learns how to make use of paints it would allow them to bring their imaginations to life. Painting could develop into a career option for your kid one day.

Either they could make their own artistic creations for decorating homes or they might consider a career in graphic art design.

Today graphic design artists are in HIGH demand! More and more businesses need graphic artists than ever before! They need it for marketing in all areas of business such as print, media, social media and websites.

First, let your child discover art to see if they like it:


If you find your child to be the quieter, introverted type, then sports will likely be difficult for them to enjoy. Quiet, reflective hobbies like reading and writing might be more interesting and appreciated. 

You can first try buying them books or go to libraries with them. Either option is fun for them to go through the books in the children’s section to pick one out.

They can search through children’s ebooks on These can be purchased immediately and downloaded to read right away. You don’t need a Kindle to read these books, they can be read on any mobile device or computer. Just download the Kindle Reader for free.

Reading can also be a social activity. There are sometimes book clubs that your child can join at school where they can interact with other kids who might have the same hobby or interests.

Instead of reading, maybe they want to write

Writing workshops can help your kid learn how to write. They provide them with tips on how to write entertaining stories as well as help them explore many topics to write about.

They could also get the best of both reading and learning to write by reading a book on “How To Write”. ;)

4. Summer Camp

When it comes to other social activities for kids, camps make a great setting for learning and socializing. Aside from peer interaction, your child will be introduced to different interests.

There are usually physical activities for kids in summer camp, but also activities that have to do with arts and crafts. A child that participates in summer camp will have a chance to develop different hobbies and find one they really like.

Some summer camps even specialize in certain areas such as animals, science or the environment. If your child has a particular interest in animals or nature, then it would be good to enroll them in a summer camp themed for that environment.

Kids Camp Search:

Try searching in the box below for kids camp near you.

For example: type in “kids animal camp” and see what you find.

Custom Search

5. Video games

Thought your kids should avoid this one, right?

Many parents don’t want their child spending too much time playing video games. They would prefer their children to do something more productive.

But, did you know there are plenty of mobile apps and computer games out there that are educational and can help your child develop his or her math, science and technology skills?

For example, some apps available on iOS devices are made just for children and have a game-like setting that teaches them how to write computer code. Although basic, it can be a great introduction to help your child develop interests in IT (Information Technology) skills.

Examples of free technology activities for kids:

Free Coding Apps for Android phone:

• Encode: Learn to Code
• Learn Java
• Learn HTML
• SoloLearn: Learn to Code

There are other games made for children (and are sometimes even used in schools) that help them practice math and reading skills.

Free Math and Reading Apps for Android phone:

• Starfall Learn to Read
• Learn to Read – Monkey Junior
• Math Run
• Math Workout

Video games like these actually become a learning tools instead of being detrimental to learning. Just be sure you know the game’s content before introducing it to your child.

6. Pottery and Sculpting

Pottery and sculpting are also arts and crafts that can become a professional interest for your child. It’s a hands-on activity that requires focus and will teach children how to mold specific shapes using only one material and their hands.

Children can release their creative side and deviate from the basic designs if they wish. The flexibility of clay and pottery allows the children to experiment with many different shapes.

There are plenty of schools that offer pottery and sculpting classes. Once again, they will be with peers who are also making their own creations. Your child will interact with other kids and be exposed to their creativity.

Search for a Pottery or sculpting class below:

For example, type “pottery class”:

Custom Search

Development and motor skills are not only found in sports as there are plenty of activities for kids that your child can participate in. Arts and crafts are a surprising source of learning and are a lot more beneficial for your child than one might initially think. 

What’s important is that you expose your child to all sorts of activities for kids at an early age to help them find their interests. If your child is doing something that he or she loves, they will not only be happier but will learn at a faster rate.

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