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Want to Play Kids Sports?

Do you have kids? Are they ready to play kids sports?

Are you trying to figure out how to get them started? ....Or, are you trying to decide what sport your kids should play first?

-------  Either way, you've come to the right place!

It's fun to watch your kids playing sports, and I can help guide you on what to expect when your kids are ready to play sports too.

Sports are fun for both parents and kids!

My husband and I have more than a decade of experience after our three kids played in a variety of sports and activities over the years. :-)

We gained so much knowledge about several sports, so I created this website to assist others with information about them.

Baseball Pitcher

Why Should They Play Kids Sports?

Are your kids looking for fun activities to do? Have they asked to play kids sports? Let them experience some sports fitness fun today!

You'll never know if they like to play kids sports until they give it a try.

So your child wants to play sports, but you might be asking "why should my kids play sports?".

I have two boys and a girl. My two boys are the oldest and LOVE to play sports! They are so busy with practices and games, they RARELY get bored!

If they don't have a practice or a game to go to, they can always practice their sport at home on their own.

What Do Your Kids Do on Saturdays?

You know the routine... your child wakes up Saturday morning, eats their breakfast, and then asks "what are we going to do today?”.

They eagerly wait for you to tell them all the fun-filled things you have planned for them to do.

Do you have any plans?

If not, they get that disappointed look on their face... :(

------- "My 10 year old son usually made that face ..." -------

Later they say, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!”.

If this happens, find out which sports are in season that your kids might like, then get them signed up!

They'll almost never be bored again...

Most Popular Kids Sport Per Season





There are several other sports for kids to play, but these were just some of the most popular.

Are Your Kids Bored?

When I was little, my dad would say…

"If you're that bored, you can help with the laundry and house cleaning".

Of course that was the last time I ever said I was bored in front of him again. ;)

Now my kids are constantly playing some type of sport all year long, and having kids in sports will keep parents busy too.

Kids in sports don't have as much time to get into trouble. Boredom can lead to mischief!!!

They usually have practice at least once a week but as much as five days a week, and they play at least one game a week depending on the sport.

Girls Sports or Boys Sports?

There is no such thing as a "boys sport" or a "girls sport". Both boys and girls can play any sport, especially when they are young.... Yes, even football!

In fact, having your girls in sports is a great way to boost their confidence and teach them teamwork, accountability and healthy habits at a young age.

My little girl was more interested in dance and gymnastics when she was young, which are also great extra curricular activities. We will probably try her in soccer later.

Young Baseball CatcherMy son Max playing catcher

How Many Sports Should Your Kids Play?

When my kids were between the ages of 3 and 13, they would play one sport per season.

One sport per season is my recommendation for kids playing sports. Any more than that can be too demanding for them at such a young age.

Too many sports can be wear your kids down fast, and you "the parents" too.

Many sports are physically tiring, so playing more than one sport in a season could effect other areas of their lives such as grades.

Not to mention, each sport has a cost involved:

  • Sign up Fees
  • Equipment and/or practice gear
  • Tournament Fees
  • Some travel fees

Grades before sports! Balance is key...

Keeping up with two sport schedules can literally be impossible!!! Practice and game times could overlap, and the mental exhaustion of trying to commit to both teams can wear you out.

There will be less time and energy for your child to study if they are in more than one sport per season.

Make sure your kids are not too tired to study and get their homework done. Your kids may think they can do it all, so the parents need to monitor this.

Other sports or activities...

There are several other sports for kids to play besides the ones mentioned on this site, and it can be hard to choose just one at a time.

If your child seems to do okay with two sports in the same season, it might be just fine to try it. You can always back it down to one sport the following season.

For example they might like swimming and baseball, and those two sports might be a nice compliment to each other. These sports will typically be playing during the same season.

Maybe your child is not into sports at all, and that's okay! There are plenty of activities for kids that are not sports related.

The decision is up to you! There is no right or wrong answer, because every child is different.

Thanks For Stopping By ""...

I hope you find some useful information on this site. I know we love watching our children play kids sports, and I am certain that you will too!

Please check back for additional information about playing kids sports.

Just remember...when your children play kids sports, it can help them start down the right path in life.

Step 1 - Pick a sport
Step 2 - Sign them up
Step 3 - Have fun watching them play!

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