"Do You Like Travel Baseball? What about Your Kids?"

Travel baseball has so far been my favorite experience with my kids playing sports. I knew I liked watching my kids play baseball before, but this was baseball mania!

We did not enter our oldest son into any travel leagues until he was 11, even though they can start as early as 7 years old.

I would not recommend starting most kids at 7, because many will not be ready for it mentally.

Travel baseball is a huge time and money commitment, and you really want your child to get the full experience when they are truly ready for it.

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Is Your Kid Ready For A Travel Team?

I've seen some kids play baseball at 7 years old that are still in the outfield literally chasing butterflies, picking flowers or kicking the dirt.

These are signs that your child may not be ready for that particular sport, especially not a travel team. ☺

You might want to try another sport after that season is over, which I recommend doing anyway.

There is a sport for every season, so this allows your kids to try a different sport every few months to find the one they really enjoy playing.

On another note, just because your child might be mentally capable of playing on a travel league at 7 does not mean that you as parents will be ready for it yet.

Find a Travel Baseball Team

Ready to find a travel team for your child?

You can simply Google for example: "travel baseball Franklin TN" in the Google search engine below. Just use your own city and state of course:

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Travel Baseball Disadvantages

Travel baseball is not for everyone!

You have to put the time and commitment into it with your child. You are making a commitment not only to your child, but to the entire team and their families.

They will all count on you and your child to be at every practice and game to help their team get stronger and win more travel tournaments.

The more travel tournaments the team can do well in, the more tournament opportunities they will get invited to play in.

Traveling with a baseball team takes a lot more time and money from the parents compared to playing on a local baseball team.

They have practices every week, and then they travel to other cities or even other states for games about every other weekend…sometimes more.

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How Much Does Travel Ball Cost?

Expenses for travel ball can include:

  • Initial sign-up fee to join a team
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Restaurant/concession stand costs (food and drinks)
  • Transportation costs (car or plane, gas)
  • Tournaments fees (usually paid for up front for the season when you join a team)
  • Tickets for the tournament games (if not already included in the tournament fee)
  • Baseball uniforms (need at least two per player)
  • Baseball equipment

I remember one occasion when we had a baseball tournament in our own hometown. People traveled from half way across the United States to be there, but the entire tournament was cancelled due to rain.

These can be the real disappointments of being on a travel baseball team. Mother Nature can tend to upset everything and cost you money in the process. ☹

While traveling away from home for games can be fun, it can be difficult if you have other children in sports too.

There has been many times where my husband and I split up in order to get the kids to their individual games. One of us will travel to the away game with our older son while the other stays at home with the other children for their games.

A travel team is much more focused, team oriented and serious. It can sometimes be difficult trying to find the right team for your child. You want to believe in the coaching style, and you want your kids to have fun while on the team.

You really want to be sure your kids love to play baseball before getting them involved with a travel league.

Both the parents and the kids will have more of a time commitment to that type of team, but it can be well worth it!

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